Useful Links

Performance Modelling

Java Modelling Tools  
These tools provide a strong set of analytical and simulation capabilities that are designed for computer system modelling. They provide an integrated set of tools with a graphical user interface, meaning that the learning curve necessary to use the tools and understand the models will not be too steep. If you need to apply queuing theory models to a piece of performance analysis these tools are well worth looking at.
MSF Performance Modelling  
This link is to a Microsoft Solutions Framework document on performance modelling.

Process Improvement

The home of the Software Engineering Institute’s “Capability Maturity Model Integration”. (The CMM is being phased out now.) This contains a significant amount of useful material, including an indication of the return on investment that can be achieved from Development Process improvement.
CMMi and XP  
An interesting description of how the CMMi and XP fit together.
A Software Process Immaturity Model  
A parody of the CMMi concepts which makes interesting reading.

Performance Management

The Value of Fast IT systems  
My article about the added value that is achieved by having IT systems which perform well.
Performance Dynamics  
Company that proposes what they call “Guerrilla Capacity Planning”. The ideas are good and there are a number of useful resources within the site, including an online version of “The Guerrilla Manual”.

Performance Testing

Performance Test Plus  
Various useful articles on performance testing, including strategy and approach advice.
Home page for an open source and high quality performance testing tool for use with the HTML protocol.


IEEE 1471  
Describes, at a high level the IEEE 1471 standard for what an architecture description is. Can be useful when needing to build an architecture document as a content reference.

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