Performance Model Example

I have received feedback that the performance model would be more useful if it was better documented. The is a tour of the model available (here), but that doesn’t make it clear how to apply the model ina typical usage scenario. I have, therefore, decided to illustrate the use of the model using a fictional example.

Modelling Scenario

First, I’ll outline the scenario for the modelling:

“A banking web site has retail and corporate clients, and well as a set of automated processes that must be completed overnight in the bank’s overnight batch window. The site has a standard Java web architecture, with the batch processes being initiated using a batch process at the application server. The purpose behind the model is to examine the capacity required in the major system components, and to make ensure the ongoing capability of the host systems for the site.”

 Note: Before starting to work with the spreadsheet turn off automatic recalculation of the cell values. The calculations in the model take a while to run, and so it is better to be in control of them.

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