On Quality improvements…

January 20, 2011

I have just run into one of those resources on the internet that seems worth sharing. It is a set of articles, tools and techniques about quality improvement that have obviously been built by a practitioner over a number of years.

The sections are:

There are many other potentially useful sections but these are the ones that really caught my attantion. If you need a summary of quality improvement approaches then this looks like a good place to browse.

Principles of Capacity Management

April 7, 2006

When creating a system it is common knowledge that its performance is important, since users of the system will be put off it is deemed to be too slow. It is also common knowledge that performance testing tools, such as OpenSTA, can create load tests to help make sure that your system will perform. The use of these and other tools and techniques to make sure that the system as a whole performs well is, however, rather less well understood. As part of the consultancy approach that I use I have created a document that outlines an approach to fitting performance testing into a company’s development process. The document provides a context for managing system performance, and was originally written to use during consultancy assignments.  I have decided to offer it as a Free Resource for those who might find it useful.

The document more describes the management approach required for the Capacity Management, rather than going into the technical details. As such, it does not assume detail technical knowledge or go into the mathematical basis for performance modelling or testing. At 18 pages it is quite short for one of my documents, and can be downloaded from: Principles of Capacity Management